The ‘dangerous’ asteroid moving towards the earth at a speed of 32,400 km / h, the day of August 20 is important!

Coming near the Earth is a common occurrence of asteroids, yet there is a need to be alert. Small asteroids face the earth every day, but a big asteroid is coming closer to us. Its size is about 420 feet.

It is rapidly moving towards the Earth and may come closest on 20 August. The name of ‘Asteroid 2019 AV13’ itself suggests that it was discovered in the year 2019. When it comes close to Earth, the distance between the two will be reduced to a few million kilometers.

Whether this asteroid coming from the speed of 32,400 kilometers per hour can be a matter of concern for the earth, let us know. 

is toldThat asteroid ‘2019 AV13’ is one of the largest asteroids to pass by Earth this year. The size tells that it is equal to a giant building. When the 420 feet wide asteroid will pass close to Earth, then there will be a distance of 3.2 million miles between the two.

This is more than the distance between the Earth and the Moon. So we don’t need to worry too much. In reality, this asteroid will travel its way by making a distance from the earth. 

The asteroid will have no effect on Earth, but given its size, it has been placed in the category of ‘potentially dangerous’. sky.orgAccording to, this asteroid is part of the Apollo group of asteroids and orbits the Sun in about 482 days.

By the way, this can be an opportunity for those interested in astronomy. He can see it with the help of a good telescope, when it will be closest to the Earth. 

According to NASA, asteroids are also called minor planets. As all the planets in our solar system revolve around the Sun, so also the asteroids revolve around the Sun. Asteroids are the rocky remnants left over from the early formation of our Solar System, about 4.6 billion years ago. Scientists have so far detected 11 lakh 13 thousand 527 asteroids. 

The ‘dangerous’ asteroid moving towards the earth at a speed of 32,400 km / h, the day of August 20 is important!

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