Online Law School Degrees in usa

Enrolling in online law school allows learners to earn a degree while continuing their career. The best online law schools consider applicants with an undergraduate degree from an accredited school. Other application requirements include the LSAT or a university entrance exam.

Graduates who pass their state’s bar exam qualify to work as an attorney. Professionals can specialize in areas such as education, bankruptcy, or financial services.

Why Get a Law Degree?

Earning a law degree can lead to a high-paying career in a growing field. Lawyers earn a median annual salary of $126,930, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). This figure exceeds the median annual pay of $41,950 for all occupations. The BLS projects jobs for lawyers to grow 9% from 2020-2030.

Online law programs provide many benefits, including convenience and flexibility. Some programs run asynchronously, allowing enrollees to complete coursework around their job. Law school online programs also allow students to attend the most affordable program without relocating. However, learners should only apply to out-of-state schools if they plan to practice there.
Accreditation is Important, View Our Guide Here

How Much Does a Law Degree Cost?

The best online law schools charge a per-credit tuition rate. This rate ensures all learners pay the same for their education, regardless of their enrollment status. However, public universities may charge out-of-state learners significantly more. Total semester tuition varies depending on course load.

Students can complete the FAFSA to determine their financial aid eligibility. Learners may qualify for federal grants. The government also offers low-interest loans. Subsidized federal loans do not begin incurring interest until after borrowers graduate. Some schools offer institutional grants and loans. Learners can also apply for scholarships, which do not require repayment.

Additional Online Student Fees

Online learners may need to buy a new computer or upgrade their internet. Students should also budget for books and class materials. Some online law schools charge a graduation fee.

Many online law school graduates take the bar exam and apply for a license. This process involves multiple fees. As of November 2021, law school graduates in California can expect to pay $5,800 to earn a law license. This cost increases if candidates do not pass the exam on the first try.

How Much Do Law Majors Make?

Top-earning lawyers earn more than $208,000 a year, according to the BLS. However, salaries vary by employer and location. Professionals working for a federal government agency make more than $150,000. Local and state governments pay less. Lawyers in the District of Columbia, California, and New York earn significantly more than their peers in other states.

Lawyers can increase their salary potential by passing many states’ bar exams. They can also take more continuing education courses than their license requires for renewal. Private-sector attorneys can earn more by becoming a partner in their firm.

Courses in Law

Students can enroll full time or part time at the best online law schools. Some programs feature a cohort learning model. A cohort takes courses together throughout the program, encouraging professional relationships. Some programs allow students to customize their education through electives. Schools may not offer all law electives online.

See below for common online law school courses. Keep in mind that course names and descriptions vary by institution. Academic requirements and learning outcomes also may differ. Students can contact their prospective schools’ admissions departments for more information.

Constitutional Law

This first-year course emphasizes law’s basis in the U.S. Constitution. Students analyze sections concerning federal courts’ purposes and functions. The course covers the separation of powers, federalism, and civil liberties. Students learn how to apply constitutional rights in the courtroom.

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