How fast is the expanding universe? Claims in the study – the collision of black holes can open the secret

The Hubble constant is one of the most important numbers in cosmology. It tells us how fast the universe is expanding. There are different ways to measure this rate. However, to understand questions like the age, history of the universe, the Hubble constant needs to be accurate.

A new study by two astrophysicists at the University of Chicago provides one way to make this calculation. Under this, the evolution of the universe can be understood using pairs of colliding black holes. 

According to scientists, a new technique called ‘spectral siren’ can provide information about the early years of the universe. According to the study, sometimes two black holes collide with each other. This phenomenon is so powerful that it creates a space-time wave that travels across the universe. These waves are also known as gravitational waves.

ReportAccording to the US Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) and the Italian Observatory Vargo, those waves can be captured. In the past few years, LIGO and Vargo have gathered readings from about 100 pairs of black holes colliding. Each collision signal contains information about how massive the black holes were.

However, the signal has been moving in space and during that time the universe has expanded. Scientists hope that these signals can help calculate our universe. Scientists believe that as a calibration tool, black holes can give us new information. 

Scientists are excited because as the LIGO observatory’s capabilities expand in the future, the way we understand the universe through black holes could reveal unique information about its early years. According to the study, this method can reduce our mistakes regarding the calculation of the universe, because using the entire population of black holes, this method directly identifies the mistakes and can calibrate itself.

The rest of the methods used to calculate the Hubble constant depend on our current understanding of the physics of stars and galaxies. The new method is quite different from these. According to the study, it completely depends on Einstein’s theory of gravitation, which is well studied.

How fast is the expanding universe? Claims in the study – the collision of black holes can open the secret

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